The Journey Begins

What tutoring means to me!

Through my experiences working with employees of the Writing Center, I have gathered that tutoring is so much more than simply proofreading someone’s paper. Tutors are there to teach students skills along with being able to teach them valuable life skills like organization. Tutors can also play an emotional support role to students that are struggling in there current situations.  The main goal of tutoring is to create students that are self-sufficient and do not need tutors to help them every time. If you teach a student how to properly use commas, they won’t need to make a comma appointment in the future. While these ideas seem easy when said aloud, there is much more that goes into this in practice.

Tutors must have certain characteristics in order to be able to teach students skills. Patience, understanding, and the ability to adapt are all important elements to be a successful tutor. These are important as they are used to permit a positive learning environment for the tutee along with an ability to teach in many different styles. I plan to incorporate active listening to my tutoring because the activity we did related to that topic is the most meaningful activity that we did in class. Active listening can help you pick up on things that you may of otherwise of missed. This can help make a tutoring session so much more impactful for the tutee.

I hope in my interactions as a tutor that I can help develop peoples love of writing. I HATED writing for most of my life. It wasn’t until I had an amazing creative writing teacher that inspired me to learn more about the English language and write for fun. If I can make someone that would normally dread sitting down to write a paper feel exited to write and learn, I would feel that I have made an impact on a student. I also look forward to being able to teach writing skills to students so they will eventually able to write “A” grade papers without the center. Most of all I look forward to becoming a support person for the student body. I want to be able to be there for people when they need support.